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Appendix 4: ACEM Terminology

“It is always important to read a question carefully, and to understand these terms in the context of that question. The Fellowship Examination Committee and the examiners are instructed to be rigorous in the use of these terms. Candidates are advised to do similarly.”[68]

Assessment: History taking, physical examination and investigations.

Describe: State the characteristics or appearance of the subject, including relevant negatives.

Discuss: Examine the pros and cons of each of the alternatives asked for on a subject.

Disposition: Where the patient is sent following care in the emergency department, including follow – up if discharged.

Interpret: State a conclusion or conclusions which includes a differential diagnosis, but excludes management.

Investigations: Specific tests undertaken to make a diagnosis or monitor the patient’s condition.

List: A numerical ordering of related items.

Management:  Those   aspects  of  care   of   the   patient  encompassing treatment, supportive care and disposition.

Outline: A brief description of the subject.

Protocol: A set of instructions on how to deal with a particular situation.

Treatment: Measures undertaken to cure or stabilize the patient’s condition

2013 from http://www.acem.org.au/media/publications/FEH02_v02_Fellowship_Exam_Structure__Mar-12_.pdf

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